order in 4 steps

Ordering a bag is easy. Choose the bag you want and click on the green button below. You can return at any time to make an adjustment.

1. Here you see the cost overview of the bag. Shipping withing the Netherlands is free.

2. Enter your details, delivery address and any comments and read through the conditions.

3. Check your order and address. With the green button at the bottom you will make the order final.

4. As payment method you can choose between Paypal or through bank payment. I have chosen these methods to keep the cost of an ANNAontwerp product as low as possible. This way, the costs of creditcard/iDeal will not come on top of the price. I hope you’re happy with this.

Within a few minutes you will receive an email that your order has been placed.

Once the amount is received you will get a payment confirmation by email and notice when it will be delivered.

Are you happy with your bag? Let it be known and make me HAPPY too with a picture of yourself and your new asset.