White Suede Crossbody

E 192,-

Raw white suede on the outside – super soft leather on the inside. Feminine and tough at the same time…

The bag’s has the size of a clutch, but you can easy carry the bag diagonally over your shoulder. By push buttons, the shoulder strap can be adjusted to different lengths.

In two separate pockets you can take the much needed it and nobody else can access it. That’s because both zips on the inside and are only accessible if you hinge the front of the bag open. It’s very relaxed to stand in a crowded room with this Pickpocket Proof bag!

ANNAontwerp is not liable for the abundant attention of (un)known for you and your bag.

size wxh  –  10 x  6 inches
outside  –  white suede
inside  –  super soft beige leather
pockets  –  2

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leather Unique handmade leather handbag.
One of a kind.

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